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At Jacobs Chiropractic we have had a high success rate with decreasing symptoms such as headaches, neck pain, and low back pain. We incorporate multiple disciplines, extensive education, and cutting edge technology to help our patients decrease pain, improve posture, and restore vitality – making us unique among most Knoxville chiropractors. We base our treatment on restoring your body to the ideal structure which in turn will improve posture and health.

  • We can help people feel better, regardless of their age.Headaches

    We have entirely too many people in our community suffering from headaches. Most often, headaches are simply caused by a nerve irritation that starts in the neck. Dr. Jacobs has helped countless patients receive 100% relief from headaches that they have suffered from for years. If you are having headaches (especially headaches that originate in the upper neck), please let him take a look. There’s a good chance they can be reduced, or in many cases completely eliminated.

  • Neck pain

    The root cause of neck pain often follows a nerve irritation which originates in the cervical spine. Lack of motion or structural abnormalities can cause the nerves to be irritated daily, which results in pain. In instances where function or structure are the root cause, relief is not only possible, but probable.

  • Low back pain

    Posture, posture, posture. Improve your posture, decrease your back pain. It’s really that simple! Improving the structure of the spine will improve function of the nervous system and decrease the low back pain caused by improper posture. Dr. Jacobs focuses on improving a patient’s spinal alignment and posture. Don’t let low back pain get in the way of your life, call our office today!

At Jacobs Chiropractic we offer treatment that is safe and effective. Dr. Jacobs and the staff stay accountable to our patients, and to our values. Don’t wait for symptoms to become worse, call Jacobs Chiropractic today, we can help!

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