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Jacobs Chiropractic provides a simple, honest and straightforward approach to chiropractic care.

Your Knoxville and Farragut Chiropractor

Welcome to Jacobs ChiropracticJacobs Chiropractic has the expertise to help you attain – and maintain – your optimum health and wellness. Whether you have neck pain, lower back pain or suffer from headaches, Dr. Chad Jacobs would like to help!

Dr. Jacobs believes that each patient’s needs are different. For that reason we do not offer pre-paid treatment plans. Dr. Jacobs feels that it is important to approach your health one visit at a time.

At Jacobs Chiropractic, we are honest about your care. We will not give the illusion that we can help every patient. If Dr. Jacobs feels that he is not the correct doctor for your treatment, he will let you know and guide you in the direction he feels is best. Dr. Jacobs wants the best for you and your wellness.

At no time will Dr. Jacobs try to sell you vitamins, supplements, etc. While Dr. Jacobs fully believes in the benefits of nutritional supplements, he feels that 90% of healing takes place with proper diet and exercise. If you do need supplements, Dr. Jacobs will refer you out to the proper nutritional store.

Dr. Chad C. Jacobs | Knoxville Chiropractor | (865) 566-0325